Madrid, Segovia & La Mancha

One of the greatest test of anyone’s freedom of the press is this: are you aware that the Spanish have taken to the streets and demanded honesty and a modicum of integrity from their government?  Most North American newspapers and online media have ignored this fact.  I share with you some photos from the massive protests that have kept this country animated towards democratic action and reform.  Then there are images of Segovia and it’s aqueducts which remind us of how structural heights are in an of themselves magnificent.  I did not unexpectedly find Dulcinea del Toboso in La Mancha, but my lovely friends Bruno and Juanjo led me to the land of her creation and the journey of near madness that Don Quixote undertakes.  In the end, the Spanish back in Madrid are not chasing windmills that Don Quixote envisioned as monsters, but instead are pursuing the oligarchs of power who in their own right are the monsters of capital and the masters of poverty.